Find local breastfeeding support, including lactation consultants, WIC clinics, community breastfeeding support groups and educators, and physicians, at or by calling the Partners for Healthy Babies line at 1-800-251-BABY (2229).

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Breastmilk: Every Ounce Counts: Helpful, easy to understand information to help you with breastfeeding, pumping, and returning to work.

Breastfed babies are ready for anything! If you need help finding a healthcare provider or breastfeeding support during an emergency, call 1-800-251-BABY (2229)

The Facts:

  • The cleanest, safest food you can give your child during an emergency is your breast milk.
  • Human milk has antibodies to help protect a baby from diarrhea and other diseases.
  • As long as you keep nursing, stress will not make your milk go away.
  • As long as your baby is getting enough of your milk, your baby is getting enough water.
  • You can still breastfeed, even if you are hungry.
  • Continue to breastfeed your baby, even if he is sick or injured.
  • When a mother breastfeeds, she releases hormones that help her and her baby relax and stay calm.
  • Many mothers can begin producing milk again, even if they have already discontinued breastfeeding.
  • Formula may not be available or may become contaminated. Water that is mixed with powdered or concentrated formula may also be contaminated.
  • During an emergency or disaster, it may be impossible to sterilize formula, bottles or nipples.
  • If there is no electricity, opened prepared formula cannot be preserved in the refrigerator.
  • If there is no electricity, you cannot use an electric breast pump, but you can easily express your milk with your hands.  Click here to learn more about hand expression.

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