Mission and Vision

History and Structure

The LBC held its inaugural meeting on September 17, 2008. The LBC’s work is guided by a twelve-member steering committee consisting of professional and peer lactation supporters, health care providers, academia, public health professionals, mothers and others interested in improving breastfeeding outcomes in Louisiana. The LBC currently operates under the auspices of the Southeast LA Area Health Education Center.

Membership is available to individuals, local breastfeeding coalitions, for-profit and nonprofit organizations and businesses. For more information about the LBC’s membership and sponsorship options visit the Join Us page.


The mission of the LBC is to make breastfeeding the norm for all babies in Louisiana.



The LBC protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding in LA through a variety of means including:

  • Building an effective, diverse coalition
  • Securing health care provider support for breastfeeding
  • Increasing workplace and child care center support for breastfeeding
  • Facilitating and encouraging parent education and support
Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition • Logo, Mission and Vission

Our Logo

The LBC’s logo was developed by Miranda Wulff Altschuler.

With our logo, we hope to communicate that breastfeeding is a normal and beautiful experience. The breastfeeding relationship allows a mother to not only connect deeply with her own baby, but also to feel a profound kinship with breastfeeding mothers around the world and the breastfeeding mothers who came before her.  The logo symbolizes those relationships through the eye contact between mother and child and the image’s visual likeness to the earth.