Why support nursing mothers in the workplace?

  • Nearly 60% of all women are employed in the work force in the United States
  • Women comprise almost half (~47%) of the U.S. labor force
  • Women with children are the fastest growing segment of the work force & almost 60% of women with children under the age of 3 work full-time
  • Most women go back to work 6-12 weeks after they give birth, but it’s recommended that babies are breastfed or given breastmilk for at least 6 months

Providing employee lactation accommodations also brings businesses a 3:1 Return on Investment (ROI) through lower health care costs, lower employee absenteeism rates (since babies are healthier), lower turnover rates, and higher employee productivity and loyalty.

Workplace Projects • Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding highlights specific steps that employers can take to support breastfeeding and resources to support them.

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