Breastfeeding Advocacy: What You Can Do

Too many women struggle with roadblocks to breastfeeding success. These barriers can be addressed with legislation and policy, by writing to insurance companies and elected officials, and by working directly with employers and hospitals.

The United States Breastfeeding Committee’s Breastfeeding Advocacy Headquarters is the place to go for your breastfeeding advocacy needs.

It’s important to remember the following when talking about/framing breastfeeding issues, especially when using the media. The media is a powerful tool that can influence how we think and feel about breastfeeding.


Framing Breastfeeding: How to tell a bigger story about breastfeeding.

“…because breastfeeding is not simply a function of individual mothers’ intent, but rather an outcome of a society that supports women, children and families. Advocates must change people’s understanding of breastfeeding so that they see not just the act itself but the context of real women’s lives in which it takes place.” –Berkeley Media Studies Group


Making the Case for Breastfeeding: The Health Argument Isn’t Enough

A short brief that discusses efforts to re-frame breastfeeding and how we can shift the conversation to include factors outside of health that can make breastfeeding difficult, even for the most well-informed, determined women.